visual communication, graphic design & illustration

OKO GRAPhia is a creative studio based in The Netherlands founded in 2005. We share the passion of craft and express these in all different disciplines of visual communication from graphic design and world class illustration to branding & identity design and art direction. Creativity, imagination, knowledge, experience and communication, are the essential key elements of our work. We provide creative design solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals around the World.

Studio OKO GRAPhia

OKO GRAPhia is a graphic design, art direction and illustration studio based in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Our studio exists to support businesses, organizations and independents around the world, dedicated to the development of socially, culturally and environmentally responsible products, ideas, information and assets.

We work with an international network of graphic designers, illustrators, artists and web developers. The diversity of cultures and backgrounds provides a wealth of vibrant new ideas and insights, enriching your brand. A transparent and personal way of working, we offer speed, flexibility and effectiveness. We involve our clients in the process, but also like to surprise them.

Our Customers

We like to work with all our clients as creative partners and to this end we think it is important to involve them in the design process as much as possible. We deliver bespoke design solutions and advice to a wide range of clients, from individuals to large organisations, in a variety of different sectors.

Graphic Design Services

Graphic Design is about communication, not only about "making things pretty" and is a skilled profession. Designers are more than people who own expensive software. You hire them for their knowledge as much as you hire them for their creativity. Graphic Design is The Art of Visual Communication.

At OKO GRAPhia, we specialize in Branding & Identity Systems, Typography, Print Design, New Media and Webdesign, Art and Creative Direction and Illustration while creatively integrating all aspects of visual communications, providing comprehensive solutions for businesses, organizations and independents around the world. Specifically, our capabilities include the following:

Branding & Identity Design

OKO GRAPhia specialize in visual branding and the design of extensive identity systems. We provide much more than logo design, color direction, and type specifications – we help our clients to define themselves and to communicate value to their audience. We merge the tangible with the intangible to create graphic platforms from which differentiation and opportunity are communicated. Through research, strategy, design and implementation we help to build admired, enduring brands.

Print Design

With an experienced eye for detail and expertise in print production, we will craft dynamic layouts, strategically place your calls-to-action, but also offer our resources about paper and any print related sustainability issues: we can manage your project from concept to press.

We design for print with quality production in mind to create books, brochures, publications, packaging, posters, annual reports, stationary and other experimental assets that deliver captivating experiences.

New Media and Webdesign

OKO GRAPhia conceive, design and launch a wide array of web-enabled media products. We translate our client’s ideas into communication portals, e-commerce platforms, mobile applications, and content-rich websites. Our knowledge of user experience and internet design enables us to leverage the potential of leading edge technologies, harness the power of social media and discover new opportunities to create compelling online experiences.

Art and Creative Direction

OKO GRAPhia have the experience necessary to guide entities of all shapes and sizes through the design process to the realization of their communication goals. We have spent many years working with a wide range of select clients, from startups to larger brands. This has enabled us to hone our strategy and provide successful artistic direction.


Illustration can play an important role in so many design commissions. As well as those expected areas like book and magazine publishing and advertising, it can also be applied to products, interiors, buildings, flooring and help create something magical. It can take potentially mundane projects into a different realm.

OKO GRAPhia creates universal innovative illustrations that communicate your written word more specifically and dramatically than any other visual form. We produce custom traditional illustrations and digital computer illustrations, books illustrations, children's illustrations, illustrations for advertising, editorial illustrations, cartoons and comics illustrations that are effective and attract customers for you.

Our Clients

Science & Education

Open University of The Netherlands | Heerlen, Holland
Leiden Universitary Medical Centre | NCHA | Leiden, Holland
University of Groningen | Femke Stock | Groningen, Holland
University of Liège | Caroline Kussé | Liège, Belgium
Stubo | Construction Industry Training | Delft, Holland
Bureau Wolters | Education Consultancy | Sint Odiliënberg, Holland
VVD Port Reitz School Foundation | Mombasa, Kenia

Arts & Culture

The Poster Museum at Wilanów | Wilanów, Poland
Rhine Culture & Media | Chinese Culture Center | Rotterdam, Holland
Theater ZEP | Amsterdam, Holland
Teatr Pierrot | The Hague, Holland
Lease Art | Art Gallery | Alkmaar, Holland
Robbert-Jan Vos | Filmmaker, director | Amsterdam, Holland
Najib Amhali | Stand Up Comedian | Amsterdam, Holland
Kees van de Grint | FIA Karting Federation | Holland
Take Five | International Art & Jazz Festival | Poland
Off Cinema | International Film Festival | Poland
IInternational Theater Festival at Poznan | Poland
Euroshorts | International Film Festival | Warsaw, Poland
Studio Pulse | Electronic Music Festival | Hamburg, Germany
City of Ronse | Ronse, Belgium

Agri & Horticulture

Benfried International b.v. | Greenhouse supply company | Den Hoorn, Holland
Brouwer | Gloriosa nursery | Nootdorp, Holland
Hans van Dijk | Gerbera's - Cymbidiums nursery | Nootdorp, Holland
Agrolux | Lighting Equipment Distributors | Maasdijk, Holland
Lightshine Cleaning | Honselersdijk, Holland
Houwenplant | Anthurium nursery | Hoek van Holland
Fizie | Nursery & Herb Garden | Polen
Hallie | Vegetable nursery | Polen

Food & Catering

Bommels Company | Distributor of exclusive delicacies | Ridderkerk, Holland
Aubainmarie | Cooking Studio | Schiedam, Holland
Lekkers in Huis | Catering Company | Amsterdam, Holland

Transport / Commercial / Industry

Brinkman Logistiek BV | International Transport Company | Amersfoort, Holland
Consiltant | Industrial Safety Services and Solutions | Apeldoorn, Holland
De Rooy Kunststoffen | Machine Parts Manufacturer | Oudenbosch, Holland
Houthoff Zoo Design & Construction | Milford, United States
De Kleurenwaaier | The Painting Company | Utrecht, Holland
Tulpfietsen | Bicycle manufacturer | Amsterdam, Holland
S-AN | Property Styling Agency | The Hague, Holland
KICKZ | Shoe store | Alphen aan den Rijn, Holland
Your PC Store | Computer Store | The Hague, Holland
The E-trading Company | Webshops platform | Drouwenerveen, Holland
Moriah Media | Internet services | Amstelveen, Holland

Finance & Consulting

XJA Finance | Financial Advice Agency | Antwerp, Belgium
Karadag Advocatuur | Advocate Agency | Schiphol-Rijk, Holland
Schut Financiële Planning | Financial Advice Agency | Almere, Holland
Accountantsland | Training and Coaching Agency | Delft, Holland
Dexioti | Business Coaching & Consulting | Dordrecht, Holland
Etincelle | Business Coaching & Consulting | Rotterdam, Holland
Sandco |Business Administration & Financial Planning | Amsterda, Holland

Health & Social Auxiliary

Breedzorg | Mediation and Home Care Advice | The Hague, Holland
Junda Maks | Music Therapy | The Hague, Holland
Foundation Monde | Health Care Foundation | Rosendaal, Holland
Foundation PrisonLAW | Human Rights Foundation | Amsterdam, Holland
KPH | Campaign Against Homophobia | Wroclaw, Poland
Q Alternatywie | Foundation Against Discrimination | Wroclaw, Poland
Respect for Animals | Anti-Fur Campaigne | Nottingham, Engeland

Hospitality, Travel & Entertainment

VAILI Travel | Corporate Travel Agency | Sorrento, Italy
Carpe Diem Maldives | Diving Safari Boats | Malé, Maldive Islands