Magazine & Journal Design

Magazines are much more than information, words, pictures and colors all combined in a platform that serves nothing but as a delivery vehicle. Magazines, each and every one and each and every issue of every one, are a total experience that engages the customers five senses. Nothing is left to chance. It is a total package. Without the ink, the paper, the touch, the smell, the look, the taste, it will not be called a magazine. Every issue is a complete new experience with a sense of ownership, showmanship and membership and is renewed with the arrival of the next issue. The total experience of flipping through the pages of a magazine, looking at the different dimensions, shapes, and other physical properties (including the colors we use on every issue whether it is the famous TIME red border or National Geographic yellow border) create a unique relationship with the customer issue after issue.

Magazine design

Starting work on a print magazine can be an exciting endeavor. While it provides designers with great showcase opportunity for their work and talent, magazine design can also be very challenging.

Our magazine design process centers on partnering with you from the first look at manuscripts to the finished product and everything in between. During the magazine design process, we take the time to understand the subject matter of your articles and illustrate the topics in a way that is compelling and engaging. We read the earliest drafts of manuscripts so that we can start on your art while you fine tune your copy.

Magazine Design - layout & typography

Magazine layout design is a professional job which requires quality approach with creative process to maximize the transformation of a message into a state of the art publication.

Typography & magazine design

The choice of fonts can have a major impact on the overall professionalism a magazine conveys. Using too many font faces is visually confusing to the reader. He/she may have trouble distinguishing the stories from the ads. Not to mention that too much "stuff" can be tiring on the eyes.

Consider using only one to two font families in your articles; one for the headlines and subheads, one for the body text. Research shows that serif fonts, especially small ones, are easier to read than san-serif fonts (serifs are the little tick marks at the end of lines in the letters). The eye tracks across the serifs of the letters making reading easier.

Multi-column layouts & magazine design

One trick for having your stories look professionally built is to use a multi-column grid to the page. For regular sized magazines try using three columns, digest sized mags use two. Not only does it look more professional but text will flow better on the page and you will have more options for placing photos.

White Space

Although it can be difficult, consider leaving some areas of the page blank. Stuffing as much as you can onto a page is visually overwhelming to the reader.

Illustrations & magazine design

Illustrations are design elements that can add that little extra touch of character to your magazine. As well as grabbing attention and sustaining interest, illustration can visually communicate a written message or story to your audience that would otherwise take longer to absorb. It can also be more effective than photographs when a certain response is required, adding personality and visual variety to your magazine.

Cover design & magazine design

Magazine cover is the most important part of a magazine. Generally, a designer spends hours on designing a perfect cover page. Cover of a magazine should be colorful with some brand value and short intro to interesting contents.

DON'T try to save a few bucks on the cover. A well-designed cover can get your magazine noticed and even more importantly, picked up! Therefore, all cover photos must be of a good, high quality photo.

Magazine Design Services

OKO GRAPhia is one of the artistic and professional Magazine Design services providers into over Europe. OKO GRAPhia's designers can develop magazine layouts, illustrations establish advertising layouts and template as well as advertising guides for your magazine. We can help you in production and editing of features and advertising or assist you in the print and publication process.

Magazine Design Process

At OKO GRAPhia we work closely with each client and co-create powerful and effective artwork aimed at meeting individual needs. Whether it is a local newspaper design or glossy fashion magazine design the process is similar.

Step 1. Quoting

Every client is very important for our company. We always try to provide the fair price for our services. Since we consider every project to be unique, we prefer quotations individually for each specific project.

Once you have decided that you would like some help with your project requirements, please fill out our price quote form. We will contact you back within 24 hours with the price quote. If you agree with our price we will start the design process.

Step 2. Briefing

If you really want to make us happy, try giving us a full brief right at the start. Like what you require, who the audience is and what you’re trying to say. If it’s for print, the estimated size of the piece to be printed and the number of copies would be great too. The more information you can supply, the more accurate our costs and timescales will be.

We work with you to discover what makes your organisation special, and then find the best way of communicating that message to your specific audience. If you give us a blank piece of paper, we’ll happily work with it. If you’ve already got strict brand guidelines, we’ll work within them.

It goes without saying that in order to find the best way of communicating your message we need to meet with you. If for any reason you can't meet with us, no problem! OKO GRAPhia is able to simply communicate with you via email, no matter where you are situated across the globe.

Step 3. Design

Once you receive your first proof we encourage you to take a couple of days to look over the different concepts & think about which one you like best & any changes you would like to make. We will then make any changes you like & the proofing process will continue until you are ecstatic with your design.

Step 4. Final design

When all the changes have been completed to your satisfaction and the design project has been finalised, we will deliver your final artwork to your email. All the files will be set to your printer specifications. You can simply just forward the files to your printers to enable the complete process to be finalised. Should any issues arise during this stage, we are always here to help until you have the printed materials in hand.


OKO GRAPhia works on the basis of fixed prices for all products and services. This means that OKO GRAPhia will make your project for the price that you see in the price calculation, there will be no surprises later on.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail: for a free consultation or fill out our Quote Form » and we will get back to you quickly with an estimated cost for your project based on your specific needs.