Welcome to OKO GRAPhia!

OKO GRAPhia is a graphic design, art direction and illustration studio based in Holland. Our studio exists to support businesses, organizations and independents around the world, dedicated to the development of socially, culturally and environmentally responsible products, ideas, information and assets.

We work with an international network of graphic designers, illustrators, artists and web developers. The diversity of cultures and backgrounds provides a wealth of vibrant new ideas and insights, enriching your brand. A transparent and personal way of working, we offer speed, flexibility and effectiveness. We involve our clients in the process, but also like to surprise them.

Graphic Design Services

OKO GRAPhia specialize in visual communication focused on logo and symbol design, typography, brand identity, artistic direction, print and collateral design, webdesign, environmental and exhibit design, graphic design and illustration.

Creativity, imagination, knowledge, experience and communication, are the essential key elements of our work. Our talented designers work with you to understand the character of your business and the message you need to express. By skillfully applying colour theory, composition, perspective and typography using freehand or digital techniques we can create elegant, eye-catching images, that reach out to your customers, get attention and express your message.

News | new projects

  • Corporate Identity Package for start-up companies

    OKO GRAPhia offer a simple package for start-up companies with a limited budget who are in the early stages of developing their business...
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  • MW magazine - everything you need to know about China

    'MW' is a magazine published in Rotterdam, covering the news of culture and economics in China. We designed Chinese and Dutch version of the magazine.
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  • 'Cooking with Love' cookbook design for Chandana

    "Cooking with Love" is a colorful cookbook with fifty delicious and exotic recipes from Maldives. The book is written by Sri Lankan chef cook Chandana.
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  • Phalaenopsis - product identity

    OKO GRAPhia developed a new brand name, identity and packaging system for Lady`s Wish. Lady`s Wish is the name of new beautiful and elegant Phalaenopsis flowers created by Dutch Orchid Nurseries
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  • Book cover for tv show Casanova Bootcamp (Veronica)

    OKO GRAPhia designed book cover for Social Excellence, creators of the Dutch TV show Casanova Bootcamp. 'Lessons in Love' is a guidebook how to succeed with women…
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  • Illustration & book cover design for Femke Stock

    Speaking of Home is a book concerning identity in the multivoiced narratives of descendants of Moroccan and Turkish migrants in the Netherlands written by Femke Stock (The University of Groningen)
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  • New Corporate Identity Design for Etincelle

    OKO GRAPhia has created a new corporate identity for Etincelle. Etincelle is a training and consultancy company based in Rotterdam.
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  • Catalogue design for Carpe Diem Maldives

    Carpe Diem Maldives Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top liveaboard operator in the Maldives specialised in scuba diving and surfing trips
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  • Brand & Identity Design for Vaili Travel Agency

    OKO GRAPhia developed new corporate identity and web solution for Vaili Travel. Vaili is Dutch travel agency located in Sorrento, Italy
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